I'm Nicole Polley

Welcome to Polleys Realty and to all my clients and customers whether your investing, renting, selling or buying, I want you to feel that this experience is all about you.

I’m here to assist with your property needs, I will help you reach your property goal. I have a passion for my industry and a vision for helping people with their housing and business choices.


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Tenancy Application Form

Tenant Maintenance Form

Guides & Resources For Renters


Renters Pocket Guide.
Renting that works for everyone

Pocket Guide For Tenants

Click to download the guide.

Polleys Realty Tenant Handbook

Renters Helpful Hints Guide

Polleys Realty Tenants Handbook

Click to download the Handbook.

Polleys realty Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms Guide

Smoke Alarms Guide

Click to download the Guidelines.

Animal Keeping Local Law

Animal keeping laws

Animal Keeping Laws

Click to download the Laws

Solar Power Facts

Save Money on Power

Solar Power Fact Sheet

Click to download the facts sheet

Tenants Guide To Mould Removal

Tips for Removing Mould

Mould Removal Tips

Click to download the mould removal tips.

RTA Abandoned House Fact Sheet

Abandoned premises laws and facts

Abandoned Premises Fact Sheet

Click to download the laws and facts.

Ending a tenancy Agreement

Fact Sheet

Ending a Tenancy Agreement Facts

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RTA Water Charges Guide

Water consumption charges facts

RTA Water Charges Fact Sheet

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RTA Domestic & Family Violence

Information on domestic violence

Domestic & Family Violence Guide

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