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I am Nicole Polley and I am taking a fresh approach to property management. Property investors are my priority, our process operates to suit your needs.

I strive to ensure that owners achieve the highest possible rental return. I provide assistance with choosing the appropriate tenants to occupy your property. We have a common interest to ensure your property is well looked after and maintained.

I have been working with managing properties for years, I am well equipped to provide you quality service. My reputation is important to me, your property property profile is also important to me. I value your business and enjoy keeping you happy. My clients are not just another number on a rental roll.

If you are looking for efficient property management I am perfect for you. If you have questions or concerns, call me anytime!!! I don’t mind. I pride myself on my property management skills and expertise. I have what you need!!! I am Nicole Polley ​

I look forward to meeting you! Call me anytime or shoot me a message online.


a little background

Polleys realty is a company I have put my all in too. I started the business because I was tired of seeing how things were done, clients and staff were mistreated and enough was enough.

I have the knowledge and passion to get the job done and bloody well too if I do say so myself. Luckily my clients think so too. I have years of experience and a drive to ensure investors property are looked after to the highest of standards.

I achieve this by ensuring everyone feels valued and serviced as without investors I would not have my business and without tenants I would have vacant properties and would not have investors for long. 

I was taught by an amazing woman who was also from a property management background principal so in my agency I carry out the skills she has taught me and the ones I have developed myself. I do not see property management as a side business or second to sales I see the both as equal.




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